Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Spread

Happy Valentine's day everybody!

Despite what you may think, I'm not one for Valentine's Day. It's really unfair for everyone.. It seems to divide us into two camps- the loved and the loved not. If you're in a relationship there's all this pressure to prove how much you adore the person you're with. If you're not, you just feel a bit sorry for yourself and particularly annoyed with your giddy colleague who parades around the office with her life-size floral arrangement..

However, I had a little change of heart... I woke up feeling especially blessed and wanted to surprise my husband with his favourite spread. I usually make this on Thanksgiving or when we have friends over but decided to make roast chicken, stuffing, roasted garlic mustard mash, gravy and apple crumble just for him- on this day where we give thanks for our sweethearts... (recipes to follow)

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