About Me

I'm a food addict. My life is consumed with watching food TV, reading about food, researching restaurants and recipes, making food, tasting food, talking about food and daydreaming/dreaming of food. When I eat breakfast I think of lunch, when having lunch I think of what I'll have for dinner and so on.  Hosting dinner parties thrills me and I'll find any excuse to have one.

Raised in a family that loves to eat, the heart of our home was and still is the kitchen. Eager to assist my mom and grandmother with home cooked meals- my culinary obsessions began very early. I was in love with the idea that making a meal brings your close ones together and they can literally have a piece of just how much you love them. Although it's a corny sentiment, I promise it's entirely true. Nothing brings me more joy than preparing a meal for those around me.. especially my husband:) It's one of my greatest pleasures and the best way to say I love you.

After university I worked in PR but my heart wasn't in it. So I quit and attended the Institute of Culinary Education. Afterwards, I interned at Good Housekeeping Magazine and worked as a private chef. I have now found my dream job(s) and am freelancing as a food stylist, recipe tester and developer.

Eat, love and be merry