Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dinner Party

I love throwing dinner parties. It's an absolute pleasure to have friends over, gather round a table and enjoy a home-cooked meal with them. I think I get this from my mom. She would always throw big parties, cooking all day to make sure everything was delicious and made by her. When guests arrived she would greet them as though she's had a spa day- her smile radiating warmth and effortless calm. Having a behind the scenes glimpse of the hours leading up to the party, I'd eagerly help take their coats  and with a proud smile I'd think "Yes my mom's the best! Yes she cooked all this! Wait until you taste how good everything is!"

Whenever I have people over I think of my mom. It's a nice way to have her with me given that we're in different cities.

I will write the recipes in separate posts but here's a glimpse of yesterdays feasting with friends!

I recycle old milk jugs and use them as vases and for serving water


Tomato, provolone and phyllo tart

The remnants of the tart....

My chaotic's not always like this!!

My beloved reduction

The main event.... braised lamb shanks:)

homemade pecan pie

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