Thursday, February 3, 2011

La Petite maison

My very good friend Shailee was kind enough to take me on an amazing foodie tour of London. She selected some incredible places, but nothing left a greater impression than La Petite Maison. Upon entry you're embraced by this inviting linen fresh space. Each table has your standard plates and cutlery but extending their hospitality further was the little display of tomatoes, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. I loved  that you could make a delicious salad before receiving your menu! This also cut any bit of pretension out of the  equation as customers literally rolled up their sleeves and got involved with their food.

We shared the truffle left us speechless...  When I returned to New York I was sad to leave family and friends but adding more sorrow to my emotional state was the thought of how long it would be before I'd reunite with La Petite Maison...

Fast forward three months....

You couldn't believe how ecstatic I was when I heard it was opening in New York! Amazing! I made a reservation and began salivating.

Just my luck- we're hit with a terrible snow storm and I fear my friend may cancel. But I don't care, I'll eat alone if needed. Desperate for my truffles I put on my rubber boots and  begin trekking- over snowbanks, jumping puddles  and slipping on bits of ice.... Bring it on!

I finally enter the tiny house I've been longing to visit.
My friend Leeana who is also a chef and hardcore foodie battles the elements to join me. I knew she wouldn't let me down!

And here it comes..the truffle macaroni.. oh how I've waited months for you. Every step the waitress takes holding my beloved dish is like an eternity..

I take my dreamy first bite and sink a little.. this is  a pasta the same price as their finest cut of steak.. perfectly cooked rigatoni bathing in a subtle cheese sauce that's laden with black peaks of truffle shavings. It was so good I almost cried. It took every ounce of restraint not to lick the plate clean.


  1. Sara,

    Ozy and I had such a great time at Petit Mason, thank you so much for the suggestion - and the truffle mac and cheese was as amazing as you described!

    I love your blog, my mouth literally starts watering when I look at all of the photos - you go girl! See you soon :)



  2. Oh! I'm so happy you liked it! Thanks for the positive feedback... don't be embarrassed if I whip out my camera at dinner this weekend! xxo