Friday, May 27, 2011

La Fromagerie

La Fromagerie, how I love thee!

I always manage to overdose on dairy when in London. Their milk, butter, yogurt and cheeses are so much richer than what we get in North America! Without a doubt, visiting La Fromagerie is a must on my very long London “to eat” checklist.  In a way it’s good I don’t have a kitchen in my hotel room as I’d spend all my time cooking things purchased from this very fine establishmentJ Although nothing I’ll feature will be cooked by me, all of these beautiful places inspire my recipes and fuel my creativity.

I’m here for ten days and this was my very first stop. La fromagerie is a culinary paradise. There is a cheese room, cafĂ©, loads of fresh produce, homemade pickled veggies and spreads, cakes galore and so much more!

If you’re ever in London, you must visit this cheese paradise!


  1. I will I will! Thanks Sara Mae- you had me confused there for a moment when I saw the pound sign in the pics!
    Everything looks wonderful- those baby artickokes and black figs- and the cheeses hmm culinary heaven! Wow! Hope to hear more about your trip to London.

  2. Thanks so much! Yes this place is pretty awesome and closer to you than me:) I have a lot more eating to do and will report more this week!! xo