Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Endive and Smoked Salmon Boats

I was feeling a bit fancy this afternoon and ran to the grocery store to purchase three items. 1 head of endive, 1 package smoked salmon and creme fraiche. I can eat smoked salmon by the pound and love the subtle biter bite of endive. Tying the two together is the hidden dollop of creme  fraiche sandwiched between the salmon and endive. When you take your first bite you immediately taste the salty fatty salmon followed by the crunchy endive. Now for the grand finale- everything is harmoniously tied together with the creamy deliciousness of creme fraiche that just envelopes your entire palette.... I literally heard angels singing as I ate this!

1 package smoked salmon
1 small package creme  fraiche
1 head endive

Cut the stalk of the endive and gently remove each leaf. Rise and pat dry. Add a dollop of creme fraiche at the base of each endive and top with a piece of smoked salmon.

Tip: You can top with fresh dill but I didn't have any :(

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