Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs, Super Toasted Crumpet... C'MON!

I'm the type of person who wakes up in the morning to my stomach- it grumbles and roars, demanding some fuel to start the day. I'm also the type of person who falls asleep at night to thoughts of what I'll eat in the morning. "What will it be tomorrow?" I ask sleepily as I rest my head on the pillow.

Today it was my take on eggs benedict. I really enjoy eggs benedict but no more than two or three or four bites, but I stop at four... it's just too rich for me. The rich egg yolks that cascade over the english muffin coupled with the 12 yolk and 1cup of butter sauce is delicious at first but grows overwhelming fast! So I ommitted the delicious but intense hollondaise and replaced the english muffin for an even better English counterpart- the crumpet. If you've not had a crumpet, it's well, amazing! It's spongy but takes well to toasting and has all of these wonderful porous holes that soak in whatever you give it- butter, jam, or in my case-yolks!

You have to try this dish! The hardest part is the poaching, which is not really that hard at all! Totally worth the assembly!

2 eggs
1 teaspoon vinegar
as many pieces of smoked salmon as you please
1 crumpet

Bring water and vinegar to a very low simmer, just so it starts to bubble a second or so apart. Crack the egg in a ramekin. With a whisk, start stirring the water to create a whirlpool effect and gently drop egg from ramekin one at a time. Cook for about 2-3 minutes or until whites are a soft firm around the yolks. Remove from the pot with a slotted spoon and place on paper towel.

Meanwhile toast your crumpet on a high setting. Remove, place eggs on top and finish with smoked salmon. Enjoy:)

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