Thursday, October 20, 2011


There's something magical about Italy. Everywhere you turn you're surrounded by beauty- architecture, fashion, weather, people... the list goes on... But in Italy, there are few moments more beautiful than my bi or tri-daily stop at one of the many gelaterias....MmmmMmmmMmmmm...

I had the most blog-worthy gelato experience a few weeks back.. You see I'm the type of person who is set in their ways. So when it comes to my beloved gelato, I'm faithful to four flavours: Nocciola, Cafe, Bacio and Pistachio. But I was unfaithful in Rome... I had Caramel and get this-  caramelized fig and mascarpone! C'MON!

Those two flavours rocked my world. First of all, caramel was not just any plain old caramel..NuhUh... there were bits of gooey caramel and then some nuts that almost had a bitter burnt caramel edging to cut the sweetness! Then the sweet mascarpone and caramelized fig..Wowowowowow! The mascarpone was a heavenly backdrop to the sweet, fruity, mind blowing fig!

I LOVE Italy. I love gelato... When I grow up I want to live in Italy and eat gelato everyday. Amen.

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